2010-2019 USA Black Dist Leather On The Frame Seat Sportster Harley All Models

2010-2013 USA Black Dist Leather On The Frame Seat Sportster Harley All Models

  •  11x13 Black Distressed ON The Frame 2010-2015 Sportster Veg Tanned Leather Solo Seat.
  • This seat is new but made to look really distressed and old. This seat will add a really old and cool look to your bike.
  • The veg tanned leather is machine and hand distressed. This process is quite labor intensive.
  •  We start with one of our steel pans.  The pan has a kick up in the back to hold you on the seat. 
  • This seat sets right on the frame. It is the easiest seat we have to install. It only requires a Phillips head screw driver and it has a tab under the front of the seat that holds the front of the seat on.
  • If you are looking for a minimal looking seat or you want a seat that puts you closer to the ground then this is the seat for you.
    This seat is about as low as you can go. The seat measures 11" wide by 13" long.
  • We lay up and shape a 1/2" of high density urethane closed cell foam on to the pan, to give good support and comfort and a second layer of 1/2" of open cell foam for more comfort.

  • Then the foam is covered with 3 layers of 100% heavy duty distressed veg tanned leather.
  • Lastly, it is sewn together with heavy duty nylon thread, similar to the way a shoe soul is sewn onto the upper. 
  • The qualities of  this leather are long life, and durability.
  • The shape and profile of the seat is designed to sit low, to give a slim profile. 
  • The more you use this seat the older it will look. Each one is one of a kind.
  • Every Thing you need to mount this seat comes with the seat.
  • High Density Foam (available upon request for an additional charge) Gel pad can be found and purchased in the Upgrades Category.
  • Matching Passenger Pad, Tool Roll and Saddle Bag available
  •  To see more seats please visit my store.
  • If you have a question you can call me at 314-972-4305.