Harley Blk Veg Tan Seat Chopper Sportster Bobber Frame

Blk Veg Tan Seat Chopper Harley Sportster Bobber Frame

This is a BLACK VEG TANNED LEATHER SEAT. This is a very nice American made VEG TANNED leather. It is thick, supple and very durable. Some of the leathers out there are very thin and poorly made.  You can see the quality in the pictuers. Most customers say that the seat quality is even better than the pictures.  This seat is black, but I can make this seat in many other colors, and brown, tan or solid red. 
  • The bottom of my seats are covered with, my vegetable tanned tooling leather. My vegetable tanned tooling leather is the finest 100% US made, tooling leather available on the market today.  It gives the best tooling results, and last the longest. This is the same type of leather that is used in making fine american horse saddles.
  • The pan is made of 1/8" inch thick steel. This makes it a very rigid and strong seat pan, that will be able to take a lot of abuse. and will last a very long time. They are incredibly sturdy!  I wouldn't think of using aluminum pans like some other manufactures use, because all the weight of the rider is resting on the welded bolts, and when aluminum is put under stress it tends to crack.
  • The pan measures 10 1/2" wide by 13 1/2" long.  The studs in the rear are spaced 7" apart.  Custom sizes are available.  I can offer custom sizing because I am the manufacture not an importer of these seats. 
  • I use closed cell neoprene foam on my seats. Closed cell means that the foam is made up of many micro pockets of air. This provides better cushioning than open cell foam because open cell foam lets the rider bottom out. This allows me to be able to give the seat a more slim profile. 
  •  You can see from my pictures that the leather I use is so thick that I have to use a horse saddle makers sewing machine. They are not imported, and mass produced. They are fine examples of American craftsmanship.
  • After the seat is finished  I apply a coat of Aussie leather conditioner. This is a bees wax based leather conditioner, that is used by many horse saddle makers, that also helps repel water.
  • The seat hardware is not included with the buy it now price. You can get this hardware kit, IN MY EBAY STORE UNDER HARDWARE!!! This kit includes, a set of hairpin springs, a seat hinge, and a bolt on nose mount bracket. This bracket allows you to mount your seat to most frames!!!!!!!
  • Old world American craftsmanship is rare but still out there, if one takes the time to look around.
  • Call 314-972-4305 for questions, credit card payments over the phone and custom orders.   
  • As always, thanks for shopping at Mother Road Customs. Where quality and craftsmanship come first.