Smooth Antique Brown Leather Spring Solo Seat Chopper Harley Sportster Custom

Smooth Ant Brn Brass Rivets Leather Banana Spring Seat Chopper Harley Sportster

    • This listing is for a 10x13 Smooth Antique Brown Leather Seat.
    • Our Seats are made in the USA with 1/8" US Made cold rolled STEEL. 
    • The seat pan is made of 1/8" inch thick steel. This makes it a very rigid and strong seat pan, that will be able to take a lot of abuse.
    • The seat measures 10" wide by 13" long.  The studs in the rear are spaced 7" apart.  Custom sizes are available.  I can offer custom sizing because I am the manufacture not an importer of these seats.
    • The seat has a dense 1/2" layer of closed cell foam. 
    • You can call me at 314-972-4305 to ask questions, or to make a payment over the phone. I accept most major credit cards.
    • Thanks for shopping at Mother Road Customs!